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Twin Cities Packing and Unpacking Services

Pro Move is your trusted moving and packing company in Minnesota! Once we work out all the exact details of your move, we will then make sure that we are prepared for all of your items. We are packing experts and always take into consideration how different household items should be packed separately and specifically to guarantee that everything gets to its destination without incident.

Depending on the size of your home, we can provide you with an estimate of time and cost to pack your items. If you only want certain rooms or items packed professionally, we are happy to help however and wherever we can- just let us know what you need.

We have considered every aspect of your move by the time we arrive and will take extreme care to ensure that everything is safely and securely packed and moved.

At the end of the day, when the last box has been unpacked, our customers usually display a look of relief and surprise. It can be hard to imagine the difference when a customer decides to work with a professional moving company, as opposed to worrying about doing the whole move alone. We will move or relocate your home and family with ease, security, and privacy.

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