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Piano Moving

Piano moving is a specialized service that involves the transportation of pianos from one location to another, whether it be within a building or to a new home. Due to the pianos:

It is essential to hire professional piano movers who have the necessary expertise, specialized equipment, and experience to move them safely and efficiently. 

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Why Do People Move Pianos?

Pianos are one of the most beloved and valuable musical instruments in the world. They are treasured not only for their musical abilities but also for the memories and sentimental value they hold.

Pianos are also heavy and bulky instruments, which can make them challenging to move. Despite this, people may need to move their pianos for various reasons.

One of the most common reasons why people move pianos is due to moving to a new home. When families or individuals decide to relocate, they want to take their precious belongings with them, including their pianos.

Moving to a new home with a piano can be a daunting task, particularly if the piano needs to be transported through narrow hallways or up and down stairs.

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At Pro Move Storage our professional piano movers have specialized equipment and a professional team to ensure that the piano makes the journey safely.

Another reason why people move pianos is when they decide to sell or buy one. Pianos can be significant investments, and many people choose to sell their pianos when they need the extra money or when they no longer play it as much as they used to.

On the other hand, buying a piano requires careful consideration and research, and the decision to move it can be daunting.

Our professional piano movers can offer invaluable assistance to piano buyers and sellers alike, ensuring that the instrument is correctly transported without any damage.

Inheriting a piano is another reason why people may need to move their pianos. In some cases, pianos have been passed down through generations, becoming beloved family heirlooms filled with memories and sentimental value.

Moving an inherited piano can be challenging, particularly if the piano has not been played or moved for some time.

Experienced piano movers can help families honor their loved ones by ensuring that pianos are moved safely and efficiently.

Temporary storage is another reason why people may need to move their pianos. Sometimes people need to move out of their homes temporarily, and they need to find a safe and secure place to store their pianos.

At Pro Move Storage our professional piano movers can offer climate-controlled storage facilities to keep the piano safe from damage caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

Regardless of the reason for moving a piano, one thing is certain: pianos hold a deep emotional connection for many people.

They are not just instruments but also beloved family members and cherished memories. When moving a piano, it is crucial to find professional piano movers who understand the importance of treating each instrument with the utmost care and respect.

These professionals recognize the value of each piano, including the value that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

black baby grand piano in loft setting

Professional Piano Movers

When it comes to moving a valuable and often sentimental piano, it is essential to trust the professionals. Pro Move Storage has experienced and professional piano movers who possess specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure safe piano transportation.

Moving a piano is a difficult and delicate process that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. Professional piano movers are the best option for those who want a quick and safe move. Some of the benefits of hiring professional movers to move your piano:

  • Care: Moving your piano with utmost care is an absolute must, especially if it holds sentimental value or a high monetary worth. Experienced piano movers prioritize the careful transportation of your piano, ensuring that it remains undamaged during the move.
  • Convenience: Hiring professional movers for your piano move saves you from the hassle of organizing the move yourself. They will manage everything from the packaging, loading, and unloading to the safe transportation of your piano. It ultimately gives you peace of mind and reduces stress knowing that professionals are handling your valuable investment.
  • Efficiency: Professional piano movers are trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They have a team of dedicated piano movers who work efficiently to move the piano in a timely manner, saving your time and energy.
  • Expertise: Professional piano movers have years of experience and knowledge in handling pianos of all shapes and sizes. They know how to disassemble and reassemble your piano, without causing any damage to it. They also have specialized equipment such as piano dollies, e-track piano moving boards, Jansen upright piano dolly sets, and more, to help move your piano smoothly and efficiently.
  • Safety: Piano movers understand the risks involved in moving a piano and know how to handle them with care. They have the right equipment and manpower to move your piano safely without damaging it, your property, or anyone involved in the move. This guarantees the safety of both you and your piano while it is moved.

mover moving a piano

When it comes to moving a piano, hiring a professional mover is always your best option. At Pro Move Storage our professional piano moving services offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your valuable instrument is moved with the utmost care, efficiency, and safety.

Here are the different things you can expect from our experienced piano moving services:

  • Excellent Service: Our professional piano movers provide excellent service from the initial consultation to the actual move. They will communicate with you throughout the moving process, addressing all your concerns and answering your questions. They will provide you with a detailed cost estimate, explain the entire moving process, and coordinate with you to set a convenient date and time for the service.
  • Expert Movers: Pro Move Storage professional piano movers have experienced and trained staff that can handle all types of pianos, from grand pianos to upright pianos, irrespective of the make, model, or weight. Their level of expertise enables them to understand the unique moving requirements of each piano type and the delicate components comprising them.
  • Liability Coverage: Our professional piano movers offer a variety of coverage options to protect your instrument in case of damage during the move. This coverage includes liability insurance or damage protection, which can cover your piano’s full replacement value.
  • Tools and Materials: Pro Move Storage professional piano movers have the necessary tools and materials to move your instrument safely and securely. They use protective covers for your piano, specialized dollies designed for different types of pianos, heavy-duty straps, and ramps for efficient loading and unloading.

mover lifting a piano

Specialized Equipment

When it comes to moving pianos, it is not just about using brute force or any ordinary equipment. It requires specialized moving equipment that is designed to handle the unique characteristics and delicate components of pianos.

Types of Equipment Used in Piano Moving

When it comes to moving pianos, it is crucial to have the right equipment to ensure that the instrument is moved safely and securely.

This is because pianos are not only bulky and heavy, but also incredibly delicate and sensitive to any movement or shock. Any mishap while moving a piano can lead to significant damage to the instrument.

To avoid such an unfortunate incident, professional piano movers always use specialized equipment that is designed specifically for piano moving.

These tools ensure that the piano is moved safely and securely, without any damage or harm to the instrument. Some of the most commonly used types of equipment in piano moving include:

Piano ornament hanging from string

Piano dollies are a type of cart with wheels that is used to transport the piano from one location to another. These dollies are specifically designed to carry heavy loads and can bear the weight of a piano with ease.

They come in different sizes and can accommodate various types of pianos, such as grand pianos or upright pianos.

Piano boards are another essential piece of equipment used in piano moving. These are flat boards that are placed underneath the piano, making it easier to move the instrument over a flat surface.

Piano boards also help to protect the floor or carpet from any damage caused by the piano.

E-track piano moving boards are similar to piano boards, except that they come with built-in straps that can be used to secure the piano during the move. E-track piano moving boards also have a track system that enables the piano to be moved around easily.

Jansen upright piano dolly sets are designed to move upright pianos with ease. These dollies are specifically made for upright pianos and come with adjustable straps to secure the piano in place.

rear of moving truck with dollies and moving blankets

Storage Facilities

Piano owners often find themselves in need of storage facilities for their beloved instruments. Whether it’s due to a move, renovation, or temporary lack of space, finding a secure and appropriate storage solution is crucial to protecting the piano’s value and sentimental memories. 

Types of Storage Facilities Available for Pianos

Pianos are notorious for being heavy and difficult to move, and once you’ve invested in one, you’ll want to take every precaution to keep it safe and protected.

Whether you’re moving or just need to free up some space, it’s essential to find the right storage facility for your piano. Different types of storage facilities are available, and it’s helpful to understand the differences between them to make the right choice.

Climate-controlled storage facilities provide an ideal environment for your piano. These facilities maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, protecting your piano from environmental changes that can cause damage.

High heat, cold temperatures, and varying humidity can cause wood to warp and crack, damaging the piano:

  • keys
  • soundboard
  • strings

In a climate-controlled environment, the temperature is kept between 60°F and 70°F with a relative humidity level between 40% and 50%.

This controlled environment ensures that your piano is well-protected, and the quality of sound is preserved.

Non-climate-controlled storage facilities are typically less expensive than climate-controlled facilities, but they lack the level of protection offered by climate-controlled facilities.

In non-controlled environments, temperature and humidity levels can fluctuate wildly, potentially causing damage to your piano.

Non-climate-controlled storage facilities are typically an option when the piano owner is confident that their piano won’t be overly negatively affected by temperature or humidity swings or if the budget is more limited. Sometimes these facilities are used for short-term storage.

Security is a consideration when choosing a piano storage facility. Pianos are valuable investments and hold significant sentimental memories for most people.

Look for storage facilities that have surveillance cameras, gated entries, alarms, and 24-hour on-site security. A secure facility ensures that your piano is protected from theft and damage.

Pianos come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from bulky upright pianos to grand pianos. It’s essential to choose a storage facility that can accommodate the size of your instrument without cramming or damaging it.

When visiting the storage facility, make sure to measure your piano to ensure that it fits perfectly.

Piano storage rates vary depending on the type of facility and the location. Climate-controlled storage facilities are often more expensive than non-climate-controlled facilities.

It’s crucial to consider your budget when choosing a storage facility. Keep in mind that cheaper storage facilities may not provide the same level of protection that your piano needs.

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When it comes to piano moving, selecting the right professionals is key. At Pro Move Storage our experienced piano movers understand the weight and delicate nature of these instruments and are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for safe, successful transport.

We provide long-distance and local piano moving services that ensure your beloved instrument arrives at its destination safely. Our team will take every precaution to prevent any damage to your piano, and we also provide climate-controlled storage solutions for added protection.

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