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Hot Tub Moving

Do you own a hot tub and need to move it? Or are you purchasing a hot tub and need it to be transported safely? Look no further than Pro Move Storage!

We specialize in moving hot tubs for spa owners, individuals, and businesses alike. Our experienced team of professionals has the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure a smooth and safe move for your hot tub.

With Pro Move Storage, you can have peace of mind that your hot tub will be transported with care, avoiding any damage along the way. Our team is reliable, professional, and dedicated to providing you with the best moving service possible.

Don’t risk damaging your hot tub during transportation. Contact Pro Move Storage today to schedule your move. We’ll take care of the rest!

What is Hot Tub Moving?

Hot Tun on wooden patio

Hot tub moving is a specialized service that involves the careful relocation of a heavy and often delicate object. Moving a hot tub can be a complex process that requires the right:

Benefits of Professional Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub can be challenging, particularly if attempted solo. That’s why hiring professional hot tub movers is the best option to ensure a safe and efficient relocation.

At Pro Move Storage our trained and professional movers have the skills, knowledge, and necessary equipment to handle a move without causing any damage and injuries while ensuring your hot tub’s secure and timely transportation.

One of the key advantages of hiring professional hot tub movers is reducing the risk of injury. Hot tubs can be heavy and awkward to move, and attempting the relocation on your own can lead to serious injuries, like:

By hiring our professional movers, you can avoid these risks and let trained experts handle the job quickly and safely.

Professional movers have access to the necessary equipment to relocate your hot tub securely. They use:

And other specialized equipment to ensure that your hot tub stays safe and protected throughout the relocation experience.

They can safely disconnect and reconnect the hot tub’s garden hose, power cord, and power source while protecting it from potential damage during the move.

Another benefit of hiring professionals is efficient relocation services. They can load and unload your hot tub quickly and safely onto trucks, minimizing the transit time and preventing any potential damage.

Since they have years of experience handling hot tub moves, they know how to navigate tricky corners, narrow hallways, and steep staircases without causing any damage to your home or your hot tub.

Professional hot tub movers offer secure storage options in case you need to store your hot tub for a few days or weeks before moving it to a new location.

They have facilities that can store hot tubs in a controlled environment that protects them from weather damage and theft.

Hiring professional hot tub movers is an investment in the safety, efficiency, and proper handling of your hot tub during relocation.

It’s a cost-effective solution that guarantees a hassle-free and damage-free move. So before attempting to move your hot tub by yourself, consider the benefits of hiring professionals and make the right move for your hot tub and your peace of mind.

Preparing for the Move

Preparing for a hot tub move requires careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth and successful relocation. As a hot tub owner, there are several steps that you need to take to prepare for the move, from choosing the right hot tub movers to making sure that your hot tub is ready for transportation.

Many individual homeowners purchase or move their hot tubs. In addition, there are businesses such as hotels, resorts, health clubs, vacation rentals and day spas that also have hot tubs.

Moving a hot tub requires more than just professional movers and specialized equipment. Before you even start planning the move, it is important to assess the accessibility of the home or business location to ensure that the hot tub can fit and pass through without causing any damage or hitting any obstacles.

The first step to evaluating the accessibility is to measure the dimensions of the space where the hot tub will be placed. This should include the hot tub’s:

  • depth
  • height
  • width

Measurements of doors, gates, hallways, and other tight spaces should also be taken to ensure that the hot tub can easily pass through.

The next step is to consider any potential obstacles along the path to the new location. This could include stairs, steep inclines, or uneven terrain.

Take note of the height and width of any stairs or inclines to determine if they are suitable for the hot tub to pass through.

It’s important to consider the possibility of uneven terrain causing issues such as the hot tub tipping or becoming damaged during transportation. Soft ground could make it difficult to install the hot tub safely and result in potential damage to the hot tub. Remember that hot tubs are heavy and bulky, so transporting them on an incline, or hill might result in potential damage to the hot tub, as well as injury to people or damage to property.

Measuring and recording the dimensions of the hot tub is also critical in assessing accessibility. Hot tubs come in various sizes and shapes, so it is important to ensure that the hot tub can fit within the dimensions of the new location.

Evaluating the ground where the hot tub will be placed is essential to ensure that the area is suitable for the hot tub.

Extra Large Hot Tub on patio next to patio set

When it comes to moving your hot tub, it’s important to ensure that you have a power supply available at the new location before the day of the move.

This is because hot tubs require electricity to function, and ensuring a reliable power source is required for the hot tub to operate.

If there is no power supply available, it is best to hire a licensed electrician to install an outlet that meets the standard regulations for hot tubs.

This is important because the hot tub requires a specific voltage and amperage to function properly, and a licensed electrician can guarantee this is set up correctly.

When preparing for the move, be sure to unplug the hot tub and coil the power cord neatly. Ensure that the power cord is dry and well-protected from any potential damage during loading and transport.

Moving a hot tub requires specialized equipment and tools to ensure a successful and damage-free relocation.

At Pro Move Storage our professional movers will bring all the necessary equipment and tools to make sure that you have everything you need to move a hot tub safely and efficiently.

One of the most important pieces of equipment is a dolly. A four-wheeled dolly or an appliance dolly can be used to move heavy objects like hot tubs. A hand-truck is also necessary to lift the hot tub off the ground and onto the dolly.

Moving blankets are required to protect the hot tub from scratches and dents. Wrapping the hot tub in moving blankets to keep it safe during transport. Our professional movers also have 4×4 lumber boards to provide stability for the hot tub during the move.

Lifting straps are essential for lifting and carrying the hot tub. These straps help distribute the weight of the hot tub evenly, making it easier to lift and move.

Tie-down straps are also needed to secure the hot tub to the dolly and prevent it from moving around during transport.

Our moving trucks are large enough to accommodate the hot tub and provide enough space for the helpers to move it safely.

Contact Our Professional Hot Tub Movers Today 

At Pro Move Storage, we understand that the safe and secure transport of your hot tub is a priority. That’s why our professional movers are experienced, equipped, and ready to help you move your hot tub with ease.

We provide reliable moving services for hot tubs large or small, so no matter the size or weight of your hot tub, our movers have the experience and tools to get it safely and securely where it needs to go.

Call us today at 612-800-8492 or Fill out our contact form for more information about our hot tub moving services!

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