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Junk Removal Services Near Me

Pro Move Storages offers junk removal services. Our services help you take control of your space. We can assist with packing and moving items to storage.

Our company provides various services to assist with optimizing your living space. Our services include but are not limited to organization, sorting, packing, and storing items, and removing any household junk you know longer want. For more information, please reach out to us or request a quote using our form.

Pro Move Storage offers a range of storage options, including traditional warehouse storage and self-storage units, to accommodate the storage needs of any home. 

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What Kind of Items Do We Remove?

These items can be removed without causing harm to the environment.

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We also remove:

Hot tubs, jacuzzis, frames, windows, fencing, sheds, yard art, plasterboard, corrugated iron, steel, siding, shingles, and more.

Common Reasons for Junk Removal

Decluttering can be beneficial when preparing for a foreclosure cleanout as it can reduce the number of items to be sorted, packed, and transported, making the process more manageable. It may also help individuals feel more organized and in control during stressful times. By eliminating unnecessary possessions, people can create a more efficient living space that is easier to manage, which can be particularly helpful when facing financial difficulties.

Are commonly required in cases where individuals pass away or relocate to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. This process entails the removal of all possessions and the cleaning of the residential property, which can be a daunting and emotional task for the affected individuals and their families.

Businesses can benefit from office cleanout and decluttering services. These services can improve productivity, organizational efficiency, and employee morale. Excess paperwork and outdated electronics can quickly accumulate in office spaces, taking up valuable storage space. Professional cleanout services can streamline the workspace and make room for more practical and functional items. They can remove all items, dispose of hazardous materials, and donate usable items to charity.

The garage can become cluttered with old furniture, broken appliances, and unwanted belongings. Garage cleanouts help homeowners regain control of their space. Professional services dispose of unwanted items, including hazardous waste disposal, and organize the remaining ones. They identify overlooked areas for storage and maximize available space.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that one-quarter of people with two-car garages have so much stuff in there that they can’t park a car. [1]

Attic cleanouts are essential to regain control of the space, make more efficient use of it, and free up valuable storage space. Professional attic cleanout services provide a practical, hassle-free solution to clearing the clutter, organizing the area, and disposing of unwanted items properly. With the expert help of a professional service, homeowners can identify things worth repairing or donating to charity instead of throwing them away, reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Cleaning out the attic can make more room in the home, provide better organization and functionality, and bring peace of mind to homeowners.

Cleaning out a home can help identify items that are no longer needed or wanted, reducing the weight and volume of things to be moved. With the help of reliable professionals, homeowners can confidently move to a new home, knowing that their new home will be less cluttered and more organized, and moving costs will be reduced. A move is usually an opportunity for a fresh start. With proper cleaning and organization, homeowners can begin their new chapter without the added stress and complications of cluttered and messy spaces.

A study of 32 families found a link between high cortisol (stress hormone) levels of women who had a high density of household objects. Men were not as impacted by the piles, but researchers did not document the added stress of this area of potential tension or level of tolerance for clutter between men and women. [2]

Storage can be valuable for individuals looking to declutter and organize their living spaces. Storage solutions can provide homeowners a way to keep their possessions while freeing up their living areas for a more functional and less cluttered lifestyle.

With adequate storage and proper organization, homeowners can create a more comfortable living space while still retaining possession of their valued items. We can provide climate-controlled units in different sizes to fit your needs.

Our organization will arrange for donation pickup services to those interested in donating items to a charitable cause. This service allows you to free up space while helping those in need. We provide tax-deductible receipts for your donations.

A decluttering service can help by providing a non-judgmental approach to the situation, working with you to establish goals, and setting realistic expectations. Pro Move Storage has the expertise and experience necessary to work with you to identify essential items and dispose of everything else properly.

Junk Removal Services Pricing

The cost of junk removal services is determined by the quantity and nature of the items being cleared. It is possible to give you a price quote if you call us.

How to Schedule Junk Removal Services

To arrange for professional junk removal services, you may contact our office or complete the online form. Our team will promptly provide you with a courteous quote. Upon your agreement to the quote, we will schedule a pickup time that suits your convenience.

When you are ready to de-clutter your home or office, let Pro Move Storage help! We can provide you with affordable storage solutions and help clear out the clutter from your life. Contact us today for more details or get a free quote online.

Call us today at 612-800-8492 or Fill out our contact form for more information about our junk removal services!

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[1] Becker, J. (2010, January 19). The Statistics of Clutter. Becoming Minimalist. 

[2] W. (2016, February 1). A clean, well-lighted place – Stanford BeWell. Stanford BeWell. 

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